DateDescriptionArea changes
25.1.2016Updating files in the store, to January 28, 2016 will be automatically when you purchase the download files. Excuse this outage.Shop
1.11.2015System Update: Changed user access to the download site, now only just authenticated user has unlimited access to download files! If you're among users who have authenticated account confirmation e-mail, just ask!Download, Shop
4.10.2015Update night mode for The Empire State BuildingUpdate
22.9.2015Update store, now you do not have to go through all the difficult journey to download the file, now just for models that are free to download, download only one click.Shop
10.8.2015Do not worry people currently working on repairs for version TANE.Download
11.6.2015Update: Alpen texture p-2-1-update for TANE Forum
24.5.2015TS server is not available at the moment the function is out of service for maintenance. For more information
1.5.2015Add: lexicon option to print invoices for purchased items.>lexiconn>Shop